Hotel Bavaria的 饭店在 近圆顶 的 见方

Hotel Bavaria的 饭店在 近圆顶 的 见方
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Week end in Florence
Double room starting from € 87,40!

Only € 43,70 per person!

Internet Special
Always book our rooms through the official website and you'll always have the best offer online and the best treatment compared to bookings made with other portals in the internet!


Ilse Nikolsky

Our room was clean, comfortable and well heated in February with outside temperatures below 0 degree C. The hotel is in a phantastic location in the centre of Florence and all the staff were helpful and friendly and spoke excellent English. Highly recommended!


We invite you to spend with us a pleasant stay in Florence whether you are here to relax and to work.

John Currin “Paintings”
John Currin is a very famous artist, whose style is difficult to codify. His is an extremely contradictory and refined painting, from which transpires a solid education on the great masters of the past, however, actualized by a series of details; Special where we see sometimes a critique of American bourgeois society. His characters seem to float in a alienating, remembering part of the inner solitude of the figures of Edward Hopper or the imaginary and surreal world of Henri Matisse.
From 13/06/2016 to 02/10/2016
Location - Museo Stefano Bardini
Firenze Welcome Hotels - Un hotel per ogni esigenza


到达 坐 汽车
到 饭店 从 公路 很 简单。 从 南:采取 太平门 FIRENZE SUD 而 跟从 中心 的 信息.
进入交通限制区 从 Agnolo 路而直行至路的尽头. 拐 右边而一个路口左拐. 去 迨 Albizi 的 Borgo.
我们 是 Borgo Albizi 的 26 (二十六). Borgo Albizi 是 步行 区当时可以 只 逗卸货 行李.
你们 的 汽车 会 留 停放你们 的 汽车 会 留 停放 里边 一 个 商定 停车场 里边 Ghibellina 路. 从 北: 采取 太平门 FIRENZE NORD 而 跟从 中心 的 信息. 乘车乘车沿所有途径:位于Viale Lavagnini,位于Viale Matteotti 的 Viale Gramsci 而Viale Giovane Italia.
参入交通限制区 从 Agnolo 路 而从信息 如同上.

Firenze 的飞机场约10公里。20分钟出租车或穿梭巴士的可能性的到S. Maria Novella 的中心火车站.

的Santa Maria Novella的火车站约15/20分钟的走路程通过 通过切雷塔尼的Panzani 路的Cerretani 路到Duomo。走广场 到大教堂的后面部 分而到Proconsolo路。左边的第一条街道是 Borgo degli Albizi.

从从 Panzani 路(靠近 Santa Maria Novella 的中心火车站)C2坐公共汽车下车的 Proconsolo 路而 离第一站.

从 Santa Maria Novella 的中心 站 5分钟的成本为€10.00.